Botswana to join KAZA uni-visa system

Botswana has committed to join the Kavango-Zambezi (Kaza) uni-visa system, which will expedite the movement of tourists between the country and other Kaza members, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

“The two Presidents [Zimbabwe and Botswana] welcomed Botswana’s decision to consider joining the Kaza uni-visa system, as it will assist in the promotion of tourism among the countries involved,” reads part of Communiqué of the Bi-National Commission meeting held by Zimbabwe and Botswana in Harare last week.

At a cost of US$50, the uni-visa has resulted in an increase in tourists who visit the two countries, which prompted Botswana to express willingness to join the regime. It also entitles the holder to cross over for a day trip to the Chobe National Park in Botswana during the 30-day period. Only those from eligible countries can apply for the uni-visa.

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