Tourists will not be affected by forex regulations – ZTA

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has assured tourists to Zimbabwe that the ban on the use of forex to transact in the country will not affect their stay, as necessary measures are in place to ensure that travellers are not inconvenienced in any way.

Credit cards are readily accepted everywhere in Zimbabwe.

Visitors may also withdraw local cash from ATMs. These will be clearly marked as international.

Foreign cash may be exchanged at the bank, bureau-de-change or at any other authorised foreign currency dealers at the prevailing bank rates.

Visitors are however encouraged to use plastic money and only exchange amounts of money in cash that they anticipate using.

Visa fees, where applicable, are payable in foreign currency and may be paid in cash at any port of entry. The Government of Zimbabwe has an e-visa system and intending travellers may apply and pay for their visas online.