The Elephant Art Safari is part of the Elephant Sanctuary and Art of Africa, which have teamed up to create an eco-conscious and unique elephant experience, brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips while surrounded by the African bush.

An open-design thatch Boma gives guests an uninterrupted view of the beautiful Masuwe River. Against this breathtaking backdrop, guests will be given an insightful and educational presentation on the Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage.

The sanctuary was founded on the principle of conservation. One of the most effective ways to evoke a sense of environmental responsibility is to show what stands to be lost. Guests will have an opportunity to talk to guides that have journeyed – physically and metaphorically, incredible distances with these elephants and learn more about the complexities of the individuals and the herd structures. Guests will learn about elephants, their history, how they came to be in our care, and the threats facing elephant populations today in an exciting and informative talk.

The Art Safari’s Guests then venture down to a waterhole and mud wallow where, under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree, they will find a chair and easel – each set up with a fresh sheet of paper. Brightly coloured aprons and palettes with bright paint splotches will also be handed out.

A private tutor is provided to guide guests through a painting workshop, using their sketch pads and brush to capture the moment. Soon guests’ white sheets of paper will be transformed into a canvas with a glorious blue sky, sunshine, yellow, brown or green grass and, of course, elephants.

Once finished, guests will return to “The Wallow” for a delicious two-course buffet lunch accompanied by a cold beverage rounding off a perfect morning’s experience. After lunch, guests will return to their lodgings in Victoria Falls Town.

Elephant Art Safari, Victoria Falls