White Water Rafting in Victoria Falls is a mile-long curtain of water that stretches across the glistening basalt rock, erupts into spray, and then thunders into the canyons below.

The walls of basalt rock that capture the mighty Zambezi form one of the significant river corridors of the world. This is the domain of the Nyaminyami, the River God of the Tonga people and is the ‘highway’ for our rafts.

All guests will be collected from their respective hotels or accommodation and taken to The Lookout Café for their briefing. Do not bring valuables with you. Please leave all valuables, jewellery and passports at your accommodation for safekeeping. We provide a safekeeping facility at check-in, where valuables can be left at your own risk.


Wild Horizon White Water Rafting & Riverboarding
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Clients can choose between an “oar boat” and a “paddle boat”. An “our boat” is controlled and manoeuvred by the guide using “12-foot-long” oars from the middle of the raft. Guests are seated in the front and rear of the raft and hold on to the safety line around the perimeter.

A “paddle boat” requires the passengers to actively assist the guide in manoeuvring the raft through the rapids and the calm stretches; they are seated around the perimeter of the boat and all paddle but do not hold onto the safety line.

The walk in and out of the gorge is steep and rocky. The walkout is approximately 750 feet to the top of the gorge and requires a reasonable degree of fitness. There are cold beers, soft drinks and water on top of the gorge for guests.

Minimum Age 15 years