This is the longest Zipline in the world. Imagine the Adrenalin rush travelling speed of 106 km’s hurtling 425 m across the gorge while suspended 120 m above the breathtaking beauty of the Zambezi water below!

As the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, Victoria Falls, the Zipline cable is suspended from one side to the other. You are harnessed and attached to a pulley, then launched over the edge picking up speed as you descend over the water and reaching a speed of 106 km an hour.

*There is no age limit on these activities; however, at management’s discretion, children may be required to travel in a double harness with an adult. Parents and guardians of any child under 16 must be present and available to sign an indemnity on the child’s behalf.

Management retains the right to turn a child away at their discretion should they feel the child cannot cope with the experience in any way. There is no maximum age limit.

Zip Line, Victoria Falls