Looking to stay in Victoria Falls & Horse Ride

Join our horses and us at Wild Bhiza for one day or more. Using natural horsemanship skills, we give you a unique opportunity to get to know our horses, bond with them, and feel your confidence and enjoyment improve and grow. Then, put that bonding and newfound confidence into practice as you ride, explore the bush and villages, and undertake rides with greater levels of challenge. We can tailor a package to suit, but you might typically mix your time, spend the mornings with the horses and afternoons back at your accommodation to explore the wonders of Victoria Falls, or stay and ride in the community homelands.

A typical day:

We have the thing if you’re looking for a horse ride that’s truly unlike any other. Our Wild Bhiza stables are nestled in Chisuma, an unspoilt rural village 25km east of Victoria Falls. Perched on the escarpment of the Mighty Zambezi River, Chisuma is inhabited by 3000 – 4000 local villagers from different tribes who have been living there for generations. The diversity of tribes within the area provides the potential to develop Chisuma into a food basket for hotels and lodges within Victoria Falls—and what better way to get there than on horseback?

Early morning rides through the Community —and with good reason! Time to pet the goat as he leaps high in the air as they run alongside you. Know the feeling of a donkey’s tail whipping behind you or the companionship of their quiet presence on your shoulder. Watch dung beetles enjoying the evidence of elephants passing through. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

The name ‘Chisuma’ is derived from an indigenous fruit tree bearing a sweet taste familiar in the area; elders say it means a very big “chi“ tree of that species (called unsuma).

Which package would you like?

Join us for an incredible horse trail adventure from horseback meandering through the Zimbabwean bush and Villages from the comfort of your saddle.

​Our holiday packages provide the perfect setting to explore (Victoria Falls) from horseback.

​Option 1 Holiday Home – Victoria Falls (1 day) 
Stay in Victoria Falls Holiday Home Stay and Horse Ride in the mornings and afternoons. Explore Victoria Falls.  There are many attractions in the Falls, such as white water rafting, sunset cruises, zip lines, canoeing, gorge walking, helicopter rides, etc.

Option 2 Homestead – Victoria Falls (4 days)
Victoria Falls Holiday Home and Horse Ride explore Victoria Falls in the mornings and afternoons. There are many attractions in the Falls, such as white water rafting, sunset cruises, zip lines, canoeing, gorge walking, helicopter rides, etc.

Ride and stay in the local Community, see village life, and work with the horses.

Trail Rides
Natural Horsemanship Experience
Sunset Rides
Help Local Children Ride
Helping with Stable Duties
Litter Clean-Up Rides
Polocrosse / Western Games

Our Holiday Home Accommodation in Victoria Falls

Stay at our excellent Victoria Falls Self Catering Private Secluded Holiday Accommodation. This wonderfully spacious two (en-suite) bedroom cottage is nestled amongst beautiful teak trees on a quiet road on the outskirts but close to Victoria Falls. It has a modern African design with a lovely spacious verandah, garden space, and a pool available so you can swim, relax and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary of your room or use it as a base to explore the area with its many great activities.

The cottage provides a cosy, comfortable, private accommodation in a quiet area just a stone’s throw from the town centre. The indoor and outdoor living area is spacious and inviting. It has a sizeable outside-covered veranda and a pool area.

The cottage has two ensuite bedrooms, with mosquito nets and air conditioning for convenience, a modern kitchen for self-catering, and a big lounge and dining area. Fresh linen, towels, and TV/Netflix and Wi-Fi for entertainment are provided. A wall with an electric fence surrounds the property and has secure space for parking a vehicle.


Our Accommodation In the Homelands – (OPENING 2024) 

If you love people, Africa is the place for you! There are so many different cultures and people to meet. If you love animals, they’re everywhere. Minerals? Flowers? Trees? Panoramic views? You can have them all!

Africa is a warm and welcoming heart that beats to its own rhythm. Enter the world of the traditional people of rural Zimbabwe—an experience that gives you a greater understanding of how the local community lives. Being in a local Zimbabwean village is an eye-opening experience, providing insight into the old ways of the Zimbabwean people, essentially taking you back in time. Most rural Zimbabwean folk are subsistence farmers, so they have little interaction with urban centres apart from if they want to sell surplus produce. Villagers interact more with each other than with the outside world.

In this quiet rural countryside is Chisuma Village, where you meet the local inhabitants, go through introductions and talk about their culture, customs, history and daily lives. You will be shown how their homestead is set up.

The camping on the overnight at Banko Farm, Chisuma, a homestead and stables located 25 km from Victoria Falls in the village community homelands. It is not a luxury homestead but rather a comfortable traditional homestead. Everyone is involved with the daily chores of the camp and cooking.

Banko Farm has a traditional homestead with camping beds and bedding already made for you. Other amenities include a water basin filled with hot water for you each morning, a lantern, a bedside table and hand towels. Also, there is an outside toilet and a hot shower for convenience!

Dining is al-fresco (under the stars).

We are happy to assist with activity bookings and transfers.



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