4/ Guests –  Poole & Garden    2 Showers/ensuite      2 Queen Size Beds      1 Bath
Come and join us and our horses at Wild Bhiza.  Using natural horsemanship skills we give you a unique opportunity to get to know our horses, bond with them, and feel your confidence and enjoyment improve and grow.  Put that bonding and new found confidence into practice as you ride and explore the forest, bush and villages and undertake rides that have greater levels of challenge.We can tailor a package to suit but a typically you might mix your time, spend the mornings with the horses at the forest and afternoons back at your accommodation to explore the wonders of  Victoria Falls.What’s included:
Participants must be a confident rider at all paces.
All horses are trained using natural horsemanship and ride bit less in head collars.
3 nights accommodation in a private self contained 2 bed cottage.  Bedrooms are en-suite but kitchen and lounge area may be shared depending on the precise nature of your booking.A typical day:
Early morning ride 10km to 15km (3 Hours)
Clinic of Natural horsemanship 1 hourRide through the unspoilt indigenous forest or meet local villagers as you ride through. Watch Kudu leap high in the air, Marabou Stork flying overhead, Dung beetles enjoying the evidence of elephants. A horse ride to remember!

Our Wild Bhiza stables are nestled in Fuller Forest – 4000 acres of the pristine forest estate, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. Why not experience the wonders of Victoria Falls horse trail rides at the Fuller Forest area dominated by tree vegetation. See where people and animals of this beautiful country have had an intimate relationship with the trails in their lives, often without giving it a thought.

Knowledgable guides lead all horse rides and are accompanied by a backup rider. All our guides are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Keen interest is taken in the environment as well as the flora and fauna of the area.

Here at Wild Bhiza we are passionate about natural horsemanship and our horses are all able to be ridden bit-less in just head collars. They are very responsive and calm, however, we cannot take responsibility for the unexpected.

Plus Stay at our amazing Victoria Falls Self Catering Private Secluded Holiday Accommodation. This wonderfully spacious two (en-suite) bedroom cottage is nestled in amongst exquisite teak trees on a quiet road on the outskirts, but close to Victoria Falls. It has a modern African design with a lovely spacious verandah, garden space and a pool is available so you can swim, relax and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary of your own space or use it as a base to explore the area with the many great activities it has to offer.

The cottage provides a cosy, comfortable and private accommodation home in a quiet area just a stone’s throw from the centre of town. The indoor and outdoor living area is spacious and inviting. It has a large outside covered veranda and a pool area.  The cottage has two bedrooms, both ensuite, with mosquito nets and air conditioning for your convenience, a state of the artfully furnished modern kitchen for self-catering, a big lounge and dining area. Fresh linen and towels are provided, along with TV/Netflix and Wi-Fi for your entertainment. The property is surrounded by a wall with an electric fence and has secure space for parking a vehicle.

There are many attractions such as white water rafting, sunset cruises, zip line, canoeing, gorge walk, helicopter rides etc. in the Falls and we would be only too happy to assist with activity bookings and transfers.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain but rather from pressure and the release of pressure.
The basic technique is to apply pressure or a cue for an action and then release the pressure as soon as the horse responds, either by doing what was asked for or by doing something that could be understood as a step toward the requested action, a “try”. Timing is everything, as the horse learns not from the pressure itself but rather from releasing that pressure. These techniques are based on the principle of reinforcement rather than physical force, which most Natural Horsemanship practitioners avoid using whenever possible.
Our goal is not to turn you into a horse whisperer, but rather to teach you how to effectively communicate with your horse. Our techniques will work on any horse of any age, by simply understanding behaviours and body language. Understand that all horses have a natural desire to flee or fight when they feel threatened, this is their fight or flight response. This is the second step in your journey to becoming a better horse rider. To get to this point, you need to know what your horse wants and needs from you, because they are different from humans.
At “Wild Bhiza Stables”, we teach riders and horses to be natural. By being in balance with your horse, you will feel more confident and have better relationships with your horse. We go beyond just teaching you how to ride; we want to create lifetime memories for both people and horses!

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“Cannot begin to attempt to say how incredible my time with you was. Not only did I have the BEST Time, but despite having beein in the Equestrian world most of my life, I learnt more in 3 weeks with you than years here – your care, understanding and relationship with your horses has to be seen to be believed magical. Gutted to have left but I will be can cannot wait to come back” Ella Minette Sims