The Gorge Swing is a thrilling and mind-blowing experience.

Leap into the wide-open air as you plunge into the mouth of the Batoka Gorge, Victoria Falls. Scream as you break free of the fear and trepidation you felt before you threw yourself off the platform. Zero Gravity!


Wild Horizons Gorge Swing! (Activity Feature)


Imagine swinging in a child’s swing in the playground…now imagine a giant swing 95 m long and 120 m high above water…now imagine a 70 m free fall before you begin swinging. Stop imagining and come and try it out! Our high wire is suspended across the gorge at a point where the width is 316 m and 120 m deep. A harness is attached to the jumper and the jumping ropes; the other end is pivoted to the middle of the cable. The jumper leaps off the gorge’s edge, free-falling about 70 m before going into a 95 m-long pendulum-type swing.