Designed to appear like a termite mound, the ‘Siduli Hide’ is located on the edge of the waterhole, offering a unique opportunity for a Wildlife Viewing Experience up close!

A qualified Professional Guide escorts guests on a short walk (5 minutes) from the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge to the hide. Once safely hidden within, guests wait!

Various mammal, reptile and bird species visit the waterhole to quench their thirst or sample minerals at the nearby salt lick.

Please note: Due to seasonal changes and the fact that this is an authentic wilderness experience, we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings. However, there are more chances of having some excellent close-up encounters in drier seasons!

Guests must be able to sit quietly for long periods and should not suffer from claustrophobia! Due to the possibility of close interactions with wildlife, this experience is not for the faint-hearted! This activity is ideal for photographers, small groups and wildlife enthusiasts after a “non-commercial” experience.