Why Volunteer in Victoria Falls

There’s no other place on Earth like Victoria Falls. Known as the Adventure Capital of Africa and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the variety of activities to enjoy in this area is truly unlimited. Make yourself at home at the world’s largest waterfall system.
This is a dream location for any traveller looking to connect with nature in the most unforgettable way. For the adrenaline junkies, you are in the right place. Take a leap of faith as you bungee jump into the gorge of the falls, or take to the water, as you white water raft down the Zambezi River.

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Horse Management Volunteering

Ride with spirit

Volunteering with Horses in Africa doesn’t get much better than this and promises to be an experience you will never forget. With the iconic African bush as your backdrop and a wide variety of incredible and exclusive horse-based activities on offer, this is an amazing adventure, far greater than simply working abroad with horses.

A unique and incomparable adventure awaits you. You will be fully involved in learning about what it takes to run an authentic African stable. Your opportunities span from taking that perfect photo with the majestic giraffe whilst exploring the bush, to being captivated by the beauty of an African sunrise, all the while developing your show-jumping skills and swimming on horseback – and we’re only scratching the surface!

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Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

Rewarding Adventures

Not only will you work with horses, but will also get involved with the care and upkeep of our wildlife sanctuary animals such as Lion, Hyena, Ostrich and more! We offer a forever home to a variety of captive wildlife that cannot be released into the wild. These animals need daily monitoring and care.

Outside of the horse and wildlife work, get involved with the running of a private game reserve. Conduct game monitoring exercises either from horseback, foot or vehicle. Assist in anti-poaching activities, join our research teams on data collection and generally help us provide a positive presence in the reserve.

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Natural Horsemanship

There is nothing like riding through the African bush

Our goal is not to turn you into a horse whisperer, but rather to teach you how to effectively communicate with your horse. Our techniques will work on any horse of any age, by simply understanding behaviours and body language. Understand that all horses have a natural desire to flee or fight when they feel threatened, this is their fight or flight response. This is the second step in your journey to becoming a better horse rider. To get to this point, you need to know what your horse wants and needs from you, because they are different from humans.

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