● Passport, insurance certificates and personal documentation. Consider also taking
pictures of such documents to store them in your smartphone.
● Spending money in US$– small denomination notes.
● Culturally appropriate clothing including long shorts and skirts, and long trousers for
work in the communities.
● Travel adapters (we have British square 3-pin sockets in Zimbabwe)
● First aid kit and some basic supplies such as plasters, headache pills,
antihistamine/hay fever tablets if you suffer from it.
● Sunscreen, lip salve, sun screen, sun hat and sunglasses are a must.
● Trainers and sandals.
● Wellington boots (optional but recommended for rainy season).
● Personal flashlight, preferably headlamp, spare bulb and batteries.
● Lightweight waterproof jacket for the wet season (November – April).
● Warm clothing: jacket, jumpers, gloves, woolly hat, scarf for winter (May – August,
temperatures can reach 0°C at night!).
● Swimwear and towel.
● Mosquito & insect repellent.
● Water bottle.
● Daypack to carry: fleece, personal medical kit, camera, sunscreen, and water bottle.
● A positive attitude!