Simunye Theatre Production

Simunye Image of Theatre Production

Simunye – We Are One

“And now this hour’s story … I speak of two tribes, the Kimba – outcasts bonded together by need, by violence, by vengeance against a cruel fate. And the Maruba – the flame lilies of the valley, so pretty, so delicate, so childish. Yet fate always uses love to stir the pot. And though I may know all that happened and can happen, each must take up their story and decide how it ends” – All Mother/Mamo (Mother Nature).

After failing the Kimba initiation test, Bomani is banished by his father Chief Ekanjo. Bomani becomes an “outcast of outcasts” and forms an unlikely friendship with his new “little brother”, the elephant Ndlovu.

But All Mother, in her human form as Mamo, continues to “stir the pot” in search of entertainment and surprise.

A chance encounter with the Princess of the Sun brings him unexpected love and a new belonging, but an unforeseen confrontation with his father at the Maruba Festival of Light ends in tragedy. Once more

Bomani is cast out with only Ndlovu at his side.

Lost in the wilderness, even Ndlovu abandons Bomani as death draws near. But Bomani is not finished. All Mother changes his course once more. Bomani resolves to confront his father and claim his destiny.

With a new determination, Bomani seizes the moment in a dramatic finale of adventure and celebration. Finally, the boy has become a man.

Presented by Victoria Falls Theatre Company, this production combines stunning visuals, music, puppetry, and dance.

Directed by acclaimed Handspring Puppeteer Mongiwekhaya, the show showcases local professional artists in an intimate 180-seater open-air theatre. SIMUNYE is a captivating fusion of puppetry, dance, music, and visuals, delivering a powerful message of love and community.







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