Your guide to borders Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

Before Immigration, guests will present themselves to Port Health and show their vaccination certificate or negative PCR Test. Children below age 12 are exempt.

They will then present themselves at Immigration for photographs, passport scanning and other formalities.

Possible queues at Immigration and customs control, especially during the high tourist season (July to October) may cause delays.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind for Botswana

If you have E-Visa online, you will be asked for a hard copy of your visa receipt. Digital receipts will not be acceptedso you must bring a printed copy to present at the border.

Upon entering Botswana, before immigration formalities, you will be required by Port Health to show your vaccination certificate or negative PCR test and then step onto a treated mat for foot and mouth disease control. At this point, they will also be required to disinfect all shoes on this mat. With this in mind, we suggest that shoes are packed separately or carried as hand luggage in a separate bag for the border crossing.

When entering Botswana with a minor, parents must present an Unabridged Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate containing the particulars of a minor and those of their parent or parents).

You can download an outline of Botswana’s regulations when travelling with a minor from the button below.