Your guide to borders Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

Before Immigration, guests will present themselves to Port Health and show their vaccination certificate or negative PCR Test. Children below age 12 are exempt.

They will then present themselves at Immigration for photographs, passport scanning and other formalities.

Possible queues at Immigration and customs control, especially during the high tourist season (July to October) may cause delays.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind for Botswana

If you have E-Visa online, you will be asked for a hard copy of your visa receipt. Digital receipts will not be acceptedso you must bring a printed copy to present at the border.

Upon entering Botswana, before immigration formalities, you will be required by Port Health to show your vaccination certificate or negative PCR test and then step onto a treated mat for foot and mouth disease control. At this point, they will also be required to disinfect all shoes on this mat. With this in mind, we suggest that shoes are packed separately or carried as hand luggage in a separate bag for the border crossing.

When entering Botswana with a minor, parents must present an Unabridged Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate containing the particulars of a minor and those of their parent or parents).

You can download an outline of Botswana’s regulations when travelling with a minor from the button below. 


Visa Requirements for Zimbabwe

Upon arrival in Zimbabwe, you need to present your invitation letter (which will be sent to you before arrival), your passport and funds to cover your visa, which should be a 30-day Business Visa.

The stamp in your passport will say “BV30D”. If it says ‘HV’, you may have been given a holiday visa mistakenly and should ensure that you ask that immigration amends this accordingly.

Your visa payment needs to be made in cash to the immigration officer processing your visa.

Please see below current pricing on Visas for Zimbabwe:



Nationality Single Entry Double Entry
American US$30 US$45
Canadian US$75 Not an option
British and Irish US$55 US$70
EU Countries US$30 US$45
Australian /

New   Zealand

US$30 US$45

Double Entry visas are not issued for Canadian passport holders, so please ensure you buy an additional single-entry visa if you plan on going on an excursion across the border into Zambia or Botswana. These activities are offered in both countries and are very common.

We suggest a multiple entry visa if you intend on taking part in optional trips that involve leaving Zimbabwe during your initial 30 days.

If you are staying longer than four weeks, you will be required to apply for a TEP (Temporary Employment Permit) before your visa expires, the TEP is valid for either six months or a year.

You will be assisted by our staff in applying and the cost of a TEP is US$500.

To apply for the TEP, please ensure that you have the following documentation with you (already printed out, or readily available on a USB or hard drive):

  • 6 passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm)
  • 3 copies of your passport
  • 3 copies of your resume/CV
  • 3 copies of your qualification certificates
  • 3 copies of your police background check

Additional paperwork that is required will be supplied by Wildlife Encounter/Antelope Park as the operators of the projects.

These documents will need to be presented to immigration as well as an application letter from yourself.

We know this may seem daunting, but you will have the support and assistance from the team on the ground to fill in all paperwork requirements. Don’t worry!

Please also note that you will be required to pay an additional US$70 – US$100 to have a consultation and chest X-ray carried out at a local clinic as part of the procedure.

This is necessary for a Tuberculosis check up and you will be accompanied by a team member.  If you would prefer the X-ray done in your home country before you travel to Zimbabwe please ensure you bring it with you and that it is clear for Tuberculosis screening.