Theatre Show in Victoria Falls

Simunye Image of Theatre Production

Ndlovu Theatre brings a theatre production to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Embark on a mesmerising journey with SIMUNYE We Are One.

Follow Bomani, the son of Chief Ekanjo, cast out from the Kimba tribe, as he wanders the African hinterland in search of home, accompanied by his loyal elephant friend, Ndlovu. Presented by Victoria Falls Theatre Company, this production combines stunning visuals, music, puppetry, and dance.

Directed by acclaimed handspring Puppeteer Mongiwekhaya, the show showcases local professional artists in an intimate 180-seater open-air theatre. SIMUNYE is a captivating fusion of puppetry, dance, music, and visuals, delivering a powerful message of love and community.

Join Bomani and Ndlovu on their quest and experience the African universal spirit of togetherness.

The Ndlovu Theatre, Elephants Walk, Victoria Falls.

Showing 365 nights a year
Start time to 20:00.

Adults: $50
Children: $25

Dinner is available pre and post-show at the Simunye (Brookes) Café.





Zambezi National Park

About the Zambezi National Park

The Park is conveniently located just a short five-minute drive from town. It was situated upstream from Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River and separated from Victoria Falls National Park in 1979. Spanning an impressive 56,000 hectares (140,000 acres), the Park showcases two unique sides. Divided by a road to Kazungula, it features a riverine side and a Chamabonda Vlei side.

Discovering the Wildlife: A Guide to Your Game Drive Experience

Embark on a captivating three to four-hour game drive in an open four-wheel drive vehicle and immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness of the park. Experienced and knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights about the diverse bush and its inhabitants in this unfenced and genuinely wild area.

The rainy season from November to April significantly impacts game viewing. As the bush comes alive with vibrant greenery, visibility becomes challenging. Moreover, small drinking holes throughout the landscape fill with water, dispersing the wildlife.

For an optimal park experience, plan your visit between May and October. During this time, the once lush green bush transforms into shades of brown as the ground dries up. As a result, wildlife congregates near the River, making them more visible. While animals like impalas, baboons, and warthogs forage for the last traces of green shoots, predators patiently await their opportunities to seize unsuspecting prey.

Exploring the Circle of Life: Insights on Recent Lion Predation in the Park

There has been a notable increase in predator activity within the park between May and July. In May, a sighting of almost 400 buffalo was observed, with a pride of lions tracking and making their first kill soon after. In June, the same pride made their second buffalo kill. The predator activity continued into July as they were witnessed making a kill of a giraffe.

Lions serve as apex predators, responsible for keeping large herbivore populations, such as buffalos, impalas, zebras, elephants, and giraffes, in check. They also provide food for scavengers such as hyenas, jackals and vultures. A balanced ecosystem requires a manageable number of herbivores to prevent overgrazing and habitat degradation. Lions help to control these populations and maintain a healthy and resilient ecosystem.


Lion sleeping
Waiting for the sun to go down
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Bushtracks Express Steam Train

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Bushtracks Express Steam Train in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is renowned for adventure and tourism, offering an array of exhilarating activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, and helicopter flights. However, among these thrilling options, Bushtracks Express Steam Train stands out as a unique indulgence that takes you on a journey back in time to the romantic age of steamtrain travel.

Hop on board a fully renovated first-class steam train that transports you to over a century ago. With a 1952 14a Class Locomotive as the lead, the train comprises a beautifully refurbished Club, Dining, and Observation car, restored under Rohan Vos of Rovos Rail. Passengers revel in the exceptional service provided by the well-trained staff dressed in elegant attire while indulging in an exquisite dining experience. If you’re looking for a luxurious adventure with a touch of nostalgia, then this Steam Train Trip is an unbeatable way to experience Victoria Falls.

A Gourmet Experience on the Rails

Embark on a captivating journey aboard the enchanting sunset steam train, beginning with a visit to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls Bridge. This remarkable historical monument, completed in 1905, stands as the second most visited landmark in the region.

Gather at the Victoria Falls Train Station, conveniently situated across from the majestic Victoria Falls Hotel. As you step onto the train’s crimson carpet, an atmosphere of opulence surrounds you, instantly making you feel like a distinguished guest.

Once all passengers are on board, the old steam locomotive will come to life, chugging along towards the Victoria Falls Bridge. Unwind in the luxurious and comfortable lounging car, feasting your senses on the picturesque African scenery and the melodious sounds that accompany the journey. Depending on wildlife sightings in the park, the train will arrive at the bridge before the sun dips below the horizon.

Pause and admire the bridge as the train halts, giving you the option to disembark and explore this historic marvel whenever you get a chance. The bridge deliberately positioned so that passengers aboard the train could experience the mist from the magnificent Victoria Falls caressing their faces. Alternatively, remain aboard and savour refreshing beverages and delectable snacks while revelling in the breathtaking panorama that unfolds before you.

After the unforgettable bridge excursion, rejoin the train for the next leg of the journey, taking you to Jafuta Siding.  Indulge in a tempting three-course meal and further libations, savouring every exquisite bite and sip. Following this delightful culinary experience, the train will transport you back to the Victoria Falls Train Station.

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The Victoria Falls Marathon 2023

People running in the Marathon


It’s that time of the year again for The Victoria Falls Marathon set on the 2nd of July 2023. Conquer the ultimate endurance test at the Victoria Falls Marathon, an internationally recognised event registered with World Athletics and AIMS. Run in partnership with the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe, where top runners worldwide can challenge themselves against the best! Please note that the Zimbabwe – Zambia border will be closed until 09:30 that morning. Please ensure any transfers or travel plans are scheduled after this time. The border will be busier than usual on the afternoon of the 1st, so expect some delays.


What can you expect to see on the courses? You will be crossing over the famous Victoria Falls Bridge and going around the Zambezi Drive, which offers breathtaking landscape views of the Zambezi River and Big Tree. The Zambezi Drive is renowned for sightings of elephants, impalas, baboons and buffalo, to name a few. Whilst these animals are beautiful, it’s important to remember that it is a National Park. For this reason National Parks and Vic Falls Anti-Poaching Unit armed rangers along this section for protection.

On all the routes, water and refreshments will be available approximately every 4km – 5km. Food and other drinks will be on sale at the finish.

FULL MARATHON – 42.195km

  • Cross over the Vic Falls bridge to the Zambia border.
  • Returning to Zimbabwe over the bridge
  • Turn right along Zambezi Drive
  • The Zambezi Drive then joins Park Way, heading toward the park.
  • It finally routes into the suburbs
  • Then through Victoria Falls Safari Lodge grounds via their back gate.

Note: This is a two-loop route (except the bridge).


Similar to the full marathon. The only difference will be after the Zambezi Drive; you would turn left towards town and right at the Rainbow Hotel into the suburbs, then through the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge grounds via their back gate.

For more information click here 


Your guide to borders Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

Before Immigration, guests will present themselves to Port Health and show their vaccination certificate or negative PCR Test. Children below age 12 are exempt.

They will then present themselves at Immigration for photographs, passport scanning and other formalities.

Possible queues at Immigration and customs control, especially during the high tourist season (July to October) may cause delays.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind for Botswana

If you have E-Visa online, you will be asked for a hard copy of your visa receipt. Digital receipts will not be acceptedso you must bring a printed copy to present at the border.

Upon entering Botswana, before immigration formalities, you will be required by Port Health to show your vaccination certificate or negative PCR test and then step onto a treated mat for foot and mouth disease control. At this point, they will also be required to disinfect all shoes on this mat. With this in mind, we suggest that shoes are packed separately or carried as hand luggage in a separate bag for the border crossing.

When entering Botswana with a minor, parents must present an Unabridged Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate containing the particulars of a minor and those of their parent or parents).

You can download an outline of Botswana’s regulations when travelling with a minor from the button below. 


Visa Requirements for Zimbabwe

Upon arrival in Zimbabwe, you need to present your invitation letter (which will be sent to you before arrival), your passport and funds to cover your visa, which should be a 30-day Business Visa.

The stamp in your passport will say “BV30D”. If it says ‘HV’, you may have been given a holiday visa mistakenly and should ensure that you ask that immigration amends this accordingly.

Your visa payment needs to be made in cash to the immigration officer processing your visa.

Please see below current pricing on Visas for Zimbabwe:



Nationality Single Entry Double Entry
American US$30 US$45
Canadian US$75 Not an option
British and Irish US$55 US$70
EU Countries US$30 US$45
Australian /

New   Zealand

US$30 US$45

Double Entry visas are not issued for Canadian passport holders, so please ensure you buy an additional single-entry visa if you plan on going on an excursion across the border into Zambia or Botswana. These activities are offered in both countries and are very common.

We suggest a multiple entry visa if you intend on taking part in optional trips that involve leaving Zimbabwe during your initial 30 days.

If you are staying longer than four weeks, you will be required to apply for a TEP (Temporary Employment Permit) before your visa expires, the TEP is valid for either six months or a year.

You will be assisted by our staff in applying and the cost of a TEP is US$500.

To apply for the TEP, please ensure that you have the following documentation with you (already printed out, or readily available on a USB or hard drive):

  • 6 passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm)
  • 3 copies of your passport
  • 3 copies of your resume/CV
  • 3 copies of your qualification certificates
  • 3 copies of your police background check

Additional paperwork that is required will be supplied by Wildlife Encounter/Antelope Park as the operators of the projects.

These documents will need to be presented to immigration as well as an application letter from yourself.

We know this may seem daunting, but you will have the support and assistance from the team on the ground to fill in all paperwork requirements. Don’t worry!

Please also note that you will be required to pay an additional US$70 – US$100 to have a consultation and chest X-ray carried out at a local clinic as part of the procedure.

This is necessary for a Tuberculosis check up and you will be accompanied by a team member.  If you would prefer the X-ray done in your home country before you travel to Zimbabwe please ensure you bring it with you and that it is clear for Tuberculosis screening.




In an effort to broaden activities at tourist attraction centres countrywide, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) is introducing lions at Chinhoyi Caves, 129km from Harare, along the Beitbridge-Chirundu road.

Zimparks Public Relations Manager, Tinashe Farawo, says the authority wants to increase tourism activities at Chinhoyi Caves in addition to the traditional cave viewing, to attract more tourists to the site.

Farawo says two adult lions have since been relocated to Chinhoyi Caves from Antelope Park in Gweru. The other two lions will be relocated soon. “Zimparks is enhancing the destination by increasing activities. Tourist are no longer limited to one activity, but can now also do game drives,” he continues.

For now, Farawo says, Zimparks will only keep four lions at the caves, but the number is subject to review, depending on how the first phase of the project goes. He says options to bring other big wildlife species to the area are also being considered.

Prior to the introduction of the lions there were virtually no large animals, although monkeys, baboons, warthogs and rock hares were occasionally spotted.

The caves consist of a system of tunnels and caverns that are slowly collapsing due to time and erosion, leaving sinkholes and depressions in the surrounding area. The Wonder Hole, which is the main feature of the caves, is in fact a ‘swallow hole’, or a large cavern with a collapsed roof.

The Wonder Hole drops vertically for 46 metres to the Sleeping Pool, which is 80-90 metres deep depending on the rainfall patterns that particular season.

Thousands of tourists, both local and international, visit Chinhoyi Caves annually.

Wildlife my Adventures

The day started early on winter’s dark morning in Victoria Falls, the sun had not risen, and I ventured out to the teak forest to work with our horses, with the sounds of the lion roaring in the background. 

Come ride through the fuller forest and local villages, and experience the natural experience of horse and rider.




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Why Victoria Falls?

Why Victoria Falls?

The City of Victoria Falls may be best known for its iconic waterfalls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Still, it’s also the gateway to some of the best safari destinations in Southern Africa.  Hwange National Park is close by, and you can be in Chobe, Botswana, in under 2 hours.  It’s also a busy hub that offers more than just the classic bucket list sightseeing features. You can enjoy breathtaking helicopter flights, sunrise or sunset river cruises, safari experiences, rafting and kayaking or Horse Riding through the forest or local villages at Wild Bhiza Stables

Vulture Restaurant Won’t Win a Beauty Contest

Vultures play a critical role in keeping the environment from crashing. However, these vital birds are under siege in Zimbabwe as poachers are killing elephants using poisons which are also killing vultures which fed on the poisoned carcasses.

Though elephant poisonings are well documented in Zimbabwe, many people in the country are oblivious to the threats poachers pose to vultures, or just how important these birds are to the environment. Even though efforts to save the country’s vultures are underway, experts are worried about the growing carnage and fear that these vultures face extinction not only in Zimbabwe but across southern Africa.

Against this backdrop, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge has come up with an innovative way of protecting vultures. It has developed a ‘vulture restaurant’, providing leftover meat as safe food and attracting as many as 200 vultures at a time.

Visitors who come to see the spectacle of these birds swooping down to feed also learn about the threats vultures face and about their ecological importance. The tourists are encouraged to make a donation towards vulture conservation and research.

“Vultures are sentinels of the skies with eyesight to 100km, and therefore poachers have identified them as a threat or tell-tale for Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit scouts and National Parks scouts to know where poachers are operating, as they are attracted to the kill. Thus, poachers will kill an impala or kudu 5km away from their target elephant or rhino to distract surveillance.”

Whilst in Victoria Falls why not Visit the Vulture Restaurant at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

Photo of the Day – Flamingos at the Kabeljour River

The Kabeljous Nature Reserve is a 180 ha area surrounding the Kabeljous River estuary.

It is a very important habitat for water birds, many of which are migratory. Colonies of seagulls and the endangered African black oystercatcher breed in the dunes.

The coastal vegetation provides habitat for bushbuck duiker and greysbok as well.

With golden beaches and the best waves in the world as our back garden, its easy to forget that we enclosed by nature reserves as well.

The Kabeljous River is a magical place and still relatively undiscovered.

Jeffreys Bay photographer Joey Nel rates the Kabeljous Nature Reserve as one of her favourite places to take pictures in nature.

This picture captures flamingos enjoying the Kabeljous River.